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Hello all!

Trying to stay in touch but it's hard. Lol

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Drew, he's the president of the neighborhood watch association!  lol

Drew, he's almost 100 pounds now. 

Peter was so excited when Andrew asked him if he wanted to learn how to run the little tiller!  He was so proud helping dad!  :)  Tilling up the garden, getting it ready for fall and winter.
I just went thru and did a MASSIVE friends cut. I've held off for SO long for fear of 'hurting' someones feelings. But it's just TOO much for me to keep up with.

There is a variety of reasons. The details don't matter. It's not that I hate or dislike ANY of you though. I just get too overwhelmed here. I just want this to be more of a personal place. I've kinda let myself get quiet and not comment much, because what I don't do for one person, I won't do for another, you know? And I used to LOVE LJ sooooooooo much, I want that back!!

Please there are no hard feelings!


This has to be shared

4 years ago today....

Andrew and I eloped!  :)  When we called back home to tell everyone, no one took us seriously!  lol  They all thought we were drunk! 


Results from yesterday's question

What city, state, country do you live in?  What are gas prices?

I live in Fort Dodge, IA  USA and cheapest in town is 3.04/gal and highest is 3.14/gal.

Hampton Virginia and regular is 2.85 right now.

newark, delaware usa

Des Moines, IA.

3.04 is what I saw on my way in to work today...

I live in Jackson Tn, Usa thlowest price is 2.79 highest price is 2.99

I'm in Maplewood, MN and it's about 3.17 here.

Defiance, Ohio..USA and the two stations down the street (Marathon and Shell) are at 3.25 for the low grade, 3.35 for mid grade and 3.45 for the higher grade. I think K-mart, Speedway, and Meijer(junk gas) are 3.15 for the low grade.

Montreal... 4.00$/gal.. we pay by liter and it was 1.30$ a liter last week :S now it's 1.20$

Allendale, IL, USA... 2.99 WAS the cheapest but i haven't seen the prices today... and 3.17 a gallon is the highest.

Mt. Pleasant, Michigan $3.28 * we've been stuck there for a week now:( *

Joplin, MO is at $3.17 now (cheapest). It went up 20 cents in one day last week.

You tested my math skills, because we deal in litres and kilometres here, not gallons and miles... but assuming I am correct in my conversions, we are presently paying approx US $4.34/gallon.

That's working on a conversion rate of AUD$0.83 per US dollar, and a gallon being approx 3.78 litres.

Gas prices here are crazy - doesn't help when you have to travel approx 1,000 miles per month just to get to/from work, excluding any personal travel such as grocery shopping, visiting friends, etc!

Columbia, MO and I paid 3.05 last night but the station just across the street read 3.15.

Gas Prices

What city, state, country do you live in?  What are gas prices? 

I live in Fort Dodge, IA  USA and cheapest in town is 3.04/gal and highest is 3.14/gal.